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    Mexico: Health of its economy

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    Use your selected host country to draft a report detailing the health of its economy and business environment. What factors are driving its growth? Research and provide statistics on the following socioeconomic variables defining your host country, and then describe how this information might affect a firm's decision to pursue business relationships in your host country: (MEXICO)

    * total population and population growth rate
    * ethnic and religious demographics
    * per capita GDP
    * income disparity
    * unemployment rates
    * education and literacy rates
    * key industries
    * inflation
    * national debt

    Include any other information you feel is important or indicative of the types of cultural or socioeconomic differences existing between your host and home countries that could result in organizational or operational mistakes for your firm. Find and use at least 3 online resources for your data, and include the links along with your findings.

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    //Prior to taking about various socioeconomic variables in concern with the host country i.e. Mexico, we will have to first of all talk about Mexico in order to incisively draft a report. So, initially we will write about Mexico under the heading of Introduction.//


    In North America, Mexico is a federal constitutional republic that is surrounded by the United States in the north and Belize and Guatemala in the southeast. The size of Mexico is roughly one-fifth of the United States. Throughout the world, it is the 14th most prominent independent nation and fifth-largest country in the America by total area. It is the most populous country ranking on 11th with a figured population of 109 million.

    Mexico is a constitution that incorporates thirty-one states and a Federal District. It is enormously dependent on exports to the U.S. Around the world, it has most open economic system. In addition to this, it is a participating and positive member of the World Trade Organization (Background Note: Mexico, 2009).

    //Above, we discussed Mexico, which is the fifth-largest country in the United States. As per the directions, now in this part we will highlight some of the respective socioeconomic variables such as total population & population growth rate, ethnic and religious demographics and per capita GDP. In this part, we will also talk about the affect of this information on a firm's decision to pursue business relationships in your host country.//

    Total population and population growth rate:

    In the world, Mexico's rank is 11th in regard to the total population. It is a city with a huge population. The total population is approximately 20 million in the region of Mexico City. This thing implies that in comparison to the other cities in the world, the rank of Mexico City is high in terms of densely populated area. The approximated growth rate of population in the year 2008 is around 1.142 % (Population in Mexico, 2009). The population growth rate statistics given below reflects that from the year 2000 to 2008, it depicts enormous growth trend.

    (Mexico Population growth rate, 2009)

    To pursue business relationship with Mexico, the firm's decisions might affect in the positive way as the labor rate is cheap, which would facilitate in ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1371 words with references.