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Emerging market

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Select a country designated as an emerging market from the list below. You will use your selected host country and its economic data for many of the forthcoming assignments in this course.

Provide a synopsis of your selected country's primary imports and exports. Find and use at least 2 online resources for your data, and post the links along with your findings.


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//While writing this paper we will go through different articles related to the economy of Mexico, Which is one of the emerging economies in the world. First of all we will give an insight about the host country, Mexico.//

The official name of Mexico is United Mexican States, which has a federal republic government and is located in North America. Mexico is surrounded by the United States in the north, Belize and Guatemala in its southeast and California in the west. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City and its official language is Spanish. The Gross Domestic Product by Purchasing Power Parity of Mexico is $1,559 billion by 2008. The President of Mexico is Felipe Calderon and its currency is Peso. Area wise it is the fifth-largest country in the America and the 14th largest at the world level. Population wise Mexico is ranked eleventh in the world, which is approximately 109 million (Mexico, 2005).

//Moving further in the discussion, we will take a look on the economic condition of Mexico, which has a mixed economy and free market along with a number of other characteristics and features. //

In terms of GDP by PPP, Mexico is ranked eleventh largest economy in the world. GDP growth of Mexico is 4.8% in 2009 (Gould & Rodriguez, 2009). The contribution of agriculture in GDP is 4%, industry contribution is 26.6% and the share of service sector is largest I.e. 69.5% by 2007. More than half of the labor force of Mexico is indulged in service sector and around 13% of labor earn their livelihood from agriculture. The total labor force of Mexico is around 45.38 million. The industries which have main contribution in the economy of the country are food and ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1117 words.