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Government Regulations add costs to American companies

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Government Regulations add costs to American companies. Many of these regulations were "born" based on employer abuses of worker's rights in the past. Some of them, it could be argued, are no longer necessary or are of little value. The costs associated with these are significant. Do you think if the government eliminated some of these regulations American companies would be more likely to continue business in the US rather than in foreign countries? Could there be a negative effect on American workers, the economy, or society as a whole?

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According to Hirschey (2003), the government affects what and how firms produce, influences conditions of entry and exit, prescribes hiring and personnel policies, and imposes other requirements on private enterprises. Hirschey noted further that government regulation of the market economy is a controversial topic because the power to tax and compel has direct economic consequences.
Among the US government regulations imposed in relation to workers include laws on wages and hours, worker's safety and health, worker's compensation, employee benefits, among others (http://www.dol.gov/olms/). The same online source noted that the DOL has 180 ...

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The expert examines government regulations which ass costs to American companies. How employers abuse worker's rights in the past are determined.

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