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Is there too much accounting regulation?

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"There is too much accounting regulation" Discuss this comment
(a) What can you say about the topic above?
(b) What are the explicit elements and implicit elements in the topic provided?
(c) Provides some original examples demonstrating the knowledge of the topic.
(d) What is the conclusion which follows logically from the analysis and development of all explicit and some implicit elements evident in the topic?
(e) What is the evidence gathered to develop a logical argument?

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This solution provides a detailed explanation of the given accounting questions.

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Please find help and some guidelines for accounting regulation below. The content below has been written to get you started on this assignment. This has been written to help you with this particular problem and its use is limited as such. The content of the solution must not therefore be passed on as your own work for grading or commercial purposes. You can also use the listed resources to explore your topic further. Good luck with your studies.

In the Federal government, there are various rules and regulations that affect a company and its accounting process. Companies need to follow all the accounting rules and regulations in order to provide right and effective final accounts to the governmental bodies as well as shareholders and stakeholders. This guideline discusses the topic of too much accounting regulations. This guideline also discusses the explicit and implicit elements in the topic. Further, this guideline also provides some original examples to presents the knowledge of the topic.
Answer (a)

There is Too Much Accounting Regulation
"There is too much accounting regulation." This statement says that there are too much accounting regulations in the country. These are the rules and regulations, which are set out in a particular country for the purpose of accounting. These regulations guide companies and suggest the way, which they can use for reporting different financial accounts and statements. Role of accounting regulations is crucial in order to ensure the consistency of accounting approaches that are adopted by companies within the ...

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