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Advertising Effects On Consumers

Choose any three articles from online library resources which are relevant to the subject of advertising effects on consumers, and complete a short review of these articles. Discuss the key arguments and findings.

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I provided three sources and a paragraph about each one. It will be your job to tie it to the subject and read the articles for more information.

Weilbacher, W. M. (2003). How Advertising Affects Consumers. Journal Of Advertising Research, 43(2), 230-234. doi:10.1017/S0021849903030241

This article considers the traditional thoughts of marketers and advertisers and puts it in the new knowledge about consumer behavior. Advertisers can no longer believe that they can direct what people think about brands or new products. Consumers have behaviors, driven by more than brand loyalty or rational choice, leading them to make decisions based on social and personal factors. They also judge advertising based on some personal habits and attitudes. Some of these are: tolerance for intrusive communication, short attention span, disinterest or aversion to advertising, and preoccupation with self. To capture the attention of consumers, the advertiser must consider these elements and understand the audience place in society and how the human mind works. Knowing how the brain works, and how to differentiate ...

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The advertising effects on consumers are examined.