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    Jean Kilbourne's article and gender theory

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    With regard to the article, "Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt", by Jean Kilbourne, I am wondering what her exact thesis is?

    Also, I am looking for examples from advertising from one product (beer, perfume, cigarettes, cars, etc.) that would support an agreement of the thesis and what the negative effects of each ad might have on consumers or society.

    How do the overall effects of such advertising affect Kilbourne's idea and the concept of sexism in the media?

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    In the first place, you might remark how Jean Kilbourne's article, "Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt," seems to present a strong thesis about gender and power dynamics. For example, she argues how advertising and media images of women often promote such blatant issues of sexism, which further subjugate women socially, sexually, emotionally, educationally, spiritually, economically, etc.

    You might also add how she further maintains how overall effects of such advertising actually perpetuate sexism in the media and also in life. She emphasizes how sex in advertising is all about power. She clarifies how that power overwhelmingly resides with males. She also argues that sex in advertising is quite pornographic and dangerous not only for women but also for men and overall society in general.

    She further supports her article by deconstructing an advertisement that portrays men as violent and aggressive "bad boys." She also argues that popular culture and the media ...

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    Jean Kilbourne's article is briefly responded to using reader response and gender theory.