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Marx, Mills & Jean Kilbourne

Please provide some ideas/suggestions for the following topics:

(1) Post thoughts on some aspect of the "colonization of your lifeworld" and relate it to Marx and the Manifesto:

a) For those of you who are on TheFacebook.com, you can check out the link I've posted to an article that argues that TheFacebook is a form of Big Brother. You can relate Marx's argument to this article;

b) Or you can draw some example from some relationship or role that you are involved in which applies to what Marx has said about the alienating effects of capitalism, i.e., how the "systems world" of money invades or colonizes your lifeworld.

Include at least 1 or 2 citations from the "Communist Manifesto" as an illustration of how Marx applies to your example/experience. You may also draw on my summary of Marx as well as the Ritzer, if you wish. (1-3 paragraphs is/are sufficient).

Include the references to Marx. You can draw on examples from your own experience, to talk about your own life, to use the first person and to generally try and connect what Marx is saying about the systems world of capitalism to your own life and make it as relevant as possible

2) Jean Kilbourne's "Killing Us Softly" video:

Thoughts on the video and relate reactions to Marx and/or Mills. (One paragraph is sufficient.)

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This solution provides ideas and a discussion on some aspect of the "colonization of your lifeworld" and relates it to Marx and the Manifesto. It also discusses the video: Jean Kilbourne's "Killing Us Softly" and how these reactions relate to Marx and/or Mills.