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    Conflict management contributes to understanding of current events

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    Research Paper

    Select an article, or a series of articles, from one or more newspapers or magazines from the past three months, and think about how the study of conflict management contributes to your understanding of current events such as the one you have selected. Choose at least two authors from the topics you have studied in this course, and apply their theories to the selected current event. Remember to base your paper on the authors' theories and not your personal opinion.

    Research is an integral part of learning, providing students with the means to "investigate, explain, defend and argue" an academic issue which applies to their field of interest. As you prepare your research paper, you and your team-members will want to be mindful of the following guidelines:

    Your topic must be related to the course of study. You will have greater success if you select a topic that interests you and can be applied to your professional/personal life.

    - Your paper should be formulated according to the APA style of documentation.

    - You must cite the sources of all ideas, facts and information you use that are not your own, even if you have put the information into your own words. Failure to do so is plagiarism, even if the oversight is unintentional.

    - Supporting your thesis is central to the task of writing a research paper. In scholarly writing, you are not merely copying information from another author, but using evidence to support the contentions and conclusions you have drawn from your findings and critical analysis of related literature.

    - We recommend that you retain your research notes and rough notes so that, if a question arises as to the actual source and its location, you will be able to address that question in a timely manner. In addition, you should retain at least one duplicate copy of your final research paper, just in case the first copy becomes lost or misplaced.

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    The current event selected is the recent conflict in Libya whereby citizens decided to rebel against the regime. The crisis has been playing out for a number of months and there are various articles that have been written about the situation in the country. Conflict occurred in the country as other Arabic countries such as Egypt also rebelled against sitting governments. The situation in Libya has been widely publicized thus it is a good event to use in conflict management theories.

    The conflict in Libya has been attributed to various causes such as the economy and democracy. Voigt (2011) argues that the Libya's vast oil is a resource curse since the country depends on oil. The article attributes the uprising in Libya to the country's resources stating that funds received from the oil went to corrupt leaders and that the majority of the population does not share in the wealth and this led to conflict in Libya and other oil rich countries. The article goes ahead to question whether the unrest in country will lead to democracy or renewed violence.

    Galtung (2011) on the hand believes that the uprising in Libya is a lost cause since people have refused to learn from history. This is because the author of the article believes that democracy cannot be imposed on a population and the country remains stable. There are two major groups in Libya that include Sirte clan and Benghazi Clan and that imposing 'stable secular democracy' would result in the groups fighting against each other. When two groups have different interests they cannot work together since each considers its goals.

    The Transitional National Council is viewed as unable to unite and control different elements. The various elements comprising Libya's rebellion are at difference with each other and they seem on the verge to fight against each other (Atwan, 2011). It would be bad for the country if the elements within the rebellion do not unite and continue to have separate interests.

    The study of conflict management contributes to our understanding of the situation in Libya. There is conflict in Libya which is characterized by disagreement between the regime and the rebels, both parties have different needs and interest and there was interaction (communication). Our study of conflict management assisted us to understand that conflict arises when needs are not met and may also occur when an individual or group is seen as obstructing another from achieving objectives. Conflict management identifies the fact that conflicts mostly arise over allocation of resources and power.

    Knowledge in conflict management enabled us to understand and categorize the unrest in Libya as inter group because it is between two groups supporting different interests. Learn Peace (N.D) provides that conflict is characteristic of humans and provides that conflicts have similar structure and process. Conflict is termed as an activity that drives humans into the future but in order to do so it must be adequately managed. Conflict often leads to change, new skills, improved method of doing things and also to improved ...

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