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Marx's and C Wright Mills' Conflict Theory

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1) Of the three main social theories (functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism), which do you think does the best job of explaining social problems? Why? Explain your assertion.

2) The current economic crisis in the United States is affecting a majority of the population. Discuss how the many factors such as layoffs, financial market failures and family stress are affecting you and others.

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1. Of the three main social theories, I tend to favor the best job of explaining social problems as related to the works of Marx and C Wright Mills within Conflict Theory. To me, it is apparent that there are so many groups, both in America and globally, that exhibit competing self-interests, thus strongly and negatively affecting social structure and problems. Since competing groups seem to also possess unequal power, I see this theory as more relevant to explain blatant gaps in areas such as rich/poor, literate/illiterate, gender inequalities, black/white, immigrant/citizens, insured/uninsured, Democrats/Republicans, etc.

Because this theory also stresses ...

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