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    Mills' Sociological Perspective or Imagination

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    Define the sociological perspective (or imagination), cite its components, and explain how they were defined by Wright Mills.

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    When briefly defining the sociological perspective or imagination, as defined by Wright Mills, I infer that this term refers to our ability to truly examine issues from a sociological perspective. For example, it allows us to discern between seeing a societal problem, such as the childhood obesity epidemic, as a personal versus a public concern. Like pearls on a necklace, it gives us the ability to better understand the interconnected relationships among our own particular situations in life and what is happening at larger educational, economic, social, cultural, and political levels. Last week's election division is a perfect example of how to apply this concept, I feel.

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    350 words notes and APA references briefly explicate the sociological perspective or imagination, as defined by Wright Mills.