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    Exploring the Sociological Imagination

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    Please assist me with the following question:

    Wright Mills invented the term sociological imagination. In your own words, what is the sociological imagination? Select an article from a news magazine (such as Time or Newsweek) that describes conflicts and the changes that are taking place in a community. Describe these conflicts and changes. How can the sociological imagination help us to understand them?

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    The solution below should get you started. In this particular problem you are being asked to present your understanding of sociological imagination by analyzing a news magazine article. While it might appear to be a tough task, it is not impossible and all that you need is a plan via an outline in completing the task. So gather your current materials from this class, review on the term and then select a good article - nothing complex, just one that presents possible scenarios for analysis. Below is my suggested outline:

    x. Article details
    1. Sociological imagination - what is it? 100 words.
    2. Why is it relevant? - 100 words.
    3. Article analysis
    a. scenario 1 - an element in the story that you can apply sociological imagination on.100 words.
    b. scenario 2 - same as above, but a different element this time. 100 words.
    4. Conclusion - what is your view of the task? 50 words.

    Altogether, this outline should yield you around 450 to 500 words, enough to complete the task at hand. Below, I have chosen a sample article and utilized the outline to show you how it can be done. Good luck with your studies.

    Sociological Imagination & Article Review

    - Title: Hong Kong customs seize 'biggest-ever' cocaine haul
    - Author: BBC China News Staff
    - Date of Publication: 6 July, 2012
    - Publisher: British Broadcasting Company
    - URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-18733636

    Sociological Imagination

    What is sociological imagination? It is a term coined by C. Wright Mills to describe the notion that in society, actions are connected. Society is a web of social agents (we as people move in society affecting and are affected by others because of our social nature) and social agency (these are the structures and sites that allow for 'Socialization' - the way in which we learn skills to survive in society - to happen, i.e. the workplace, the school, the church, the family unit) to happen. all of us in society are agents or actors, producers of social action (when we communicate, when we relate, when we act on our everyday ...

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