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What is Sociological imagination?

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What did C. Wright Mills mean by the "sociological imagination?"

How could it be applied to, for example, watching people running in a marathon, where our children attend school, or where we shop for groceries?

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First, as you briefly explicate what C. Wright Mills meant by the "sociological imagination," I interpret his ideas to mean that we have the keen ability to look and analyze behind just our personal experiences and struggles and see our paths as connected more to the larger society at hand. His ideas also allow us to investigate what being an outsider of society is like. For example, my best friend is Latino and gay, so he knows what it is ...

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This posting briefly explicates what C. Wright Mills meant by the "sociological imagination" in 300 words of personal reactions and ideas.

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Sociological Imagination

Use your Sociological Imagination to discuss the unbreakable connection between individual experiences and the social impact of the following issue:

1. Issue: Being unemployed and the impact of unemployment as a broad issue.

2. Be sure to incorporate the concept and meaning of the "sociological imagination" with the topic you are discussing. Please remember this is not a personal diary or a reflection of your personal experiences but must reflect sociological concepts and ideas.

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