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Advertising: Economic and Social Effects on society

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Since the 1880s, advertising has been the focus of numerous examples of criticism from a host of sources. In recent years, social criticism of advertising has taken precedent over its economic effects. The range of criticism involves advertising strategies, audiences targeted and the execution process. Some representing examples of social criticisms of advertising include:

1) Privacy Concern:

2) Product Placement:

3) Advertising Content:

4) Advertising's role in Obesity:

Discuss and support your position on social effect and economic effect on society.

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//Before discussing the 'Social and Economic effects of Advertising', firstly, we will discuss the advertising. In this part, we will write about the meaning of the 'advertisement' and the advantage to the business from the advertisement.\


Advertising is a paid form of non-personal presentation of goods or services by an identified sponsor to reach out to maximum number of audiences. Individuals and business firms promote their goods, services, ideas, issues, corporate message and people through advertisements. Advertising message can be conveyed to the target audience through a wide range of media. The advertising has impacted both the society and the economy. There are several areas where the effects of advertising can be seen. There are two different views related to the effects of the advertising on society. One says that the advertising exhibits bad effects on the society whereas other says advertising is good for the society.

//After discussing the meaning of advertising, now, we will discuss the social effect of advertising. I am providing a brief introduction on the social effect of advertising under various headings, so that you can understand it. You are free to add more social effect of advertising from your resources.\

Social effects of advertising

Advertising is one of the crucial topics for the debate because of its effects on the society. The advertising plays an informative role for the consumers and makes them enable to purchase the products and services. The opposite view of the advertising is the argument that the customers are not wise and they can be misguided by the advertising. Different types of Media are used to provide advertisement to the consumers. The regular attack of the advertising has impacted the society in positive as well as negative manner. Different factors have been described below, which are ...

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