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    Marketing-communication strategy

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    1. What is "copy testing"? Explain its use.

    2. What are subliminal stimuli? Give an example.

    3. What are transformational advertisements? Give an example.

    4. Explain the difference between purposeful learning and incidental learning?

    5. Differentiate between "think" and "feel" products. Give an example of each.

    6. Develop an effective marketing-communication strategy for a company and product of your choice.

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    1. What is "copy testing"? Explain its use.

    The major impact of advertising tends to be on consumers' cognitions, measuring its effects is often difficult. Given that the costs of advertising are very high, marketers have tried to develop measures of the communication effectiveness of advertisements. This is usually called copy testing. Briefly copy testing is used for measuring the advertising effects. Recall and persuasion are the most common measures. Advertising research methods include concept tests, pre-tests, post-tests, and campaign evaluation or tracking research.

    2. What are subliminal stimuli? Give an example.

    A subliminal stimulus is, by definition, outside of conscious awareness. This can be an information that influences our behavior without our being consciously aware of this influence such as strong visual images or repetitions ...

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