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    Advertising Regulation Research

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    Research and apply the content from a minimum of three recent articles about Advertising Regulation.

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    E- Commerce Research Paper:

    Advertising is any type of a paid non-personal presentation that promotes the ideas of a product and service of a company. It is a vital and important activity used by corporations to increase their sales levels. The advertisement regulations are the strategy laws that have been put in place to ensure that the advertisements of the products are in line with the set advertisement laws. These are the guiding principles that are used in a particular region. Through these rules, diverse aspects of the product such as product placement, timing and the content are covered. It is paramount to note that the advertisement regulations in the United States majorly focus on the advertisements that are health related and the false ads in the market. Through the advertisements regulations, reasonable constraints are placed to eradicate false advertisements from the market (How, 2012).


    The advertisement techniques are used by organizations in the act of informing the public on the products placed in the market. Through this, the company will be able to persuade the esteemed clients in the target market. The placements of advertisement regulations by the government bodies are to ensure that the informing function of the advertisements is backed by honest and reliable advertisements. Through this the clients in the market will be able to make informed choices on the ...

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