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Consumer protection in regulated advertising: what other forces should be monitored?

Consumer protection is one of the major reasons used for regulating advertising around the world. What other forces should be monitored for their potential impact on advertising regulation in the Asia Pacific region?

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One answer to this question can be based on a paper by J. J. Boddewyn, "Advertising Regulation in the 1980's: The Underlying Global Forces," Journal of Marketing, Vol. 46 (Winter 1982), pp. 27-35.

Eleven forces were mentioned that could influence advertising regulation in the region:

(a) Growth of the services sector: The intangibility and personalized nature of many services open the door for many charges of misleading advertising. As services consume a larger part of the GNPs of Asian nations, and advertising increases, the push for greater regulation will likewise increase.

(b) Fairness and vulnerable groups: Advertising to vulnerable groups such as the young, the aged, the ...

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Cited from a scholarly journal, the response lists eleven forces mentioned that could influence advertising regulation in the region.