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Using Google Analytics in Business

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How to apply business intelligence techniques to a business using Google?
What could an organization learn using this technology?

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Business intelligence techniques can be utilized for a business by using Google. To apply business intelligence techniques to a business using Google, one would set up Google Analytics. This is an easy process, simply inserting code into a company website. In return, Google Analytics will supply the organization with a wealth of information. The tool can be customized based on a company's interests.

Since it is the aim of business intelligence to help businesses make better decisions, Google Analytics helps by providing performance metrics. Business intelligence involves measurement, analytics, reporting, and a collaboration platform and knowledge management. Google Analytics offers an organization a chance to track and analyze its website. It measures the number of visitors to a site by day. Google Analytics can determine where visitors are coming from, including "display advertising, pay-per-click networks, e-mail marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents" (Google.com, 2012). It can help analyze online campaigns by tracking landing pages, length of visit, and conversions. A company can set goals or targets to see if sales ...

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This solution discusses how to apply business intelligence techniques to a business using Google, and what an organization could learn using this technology. APA references are included.

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