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Ethical and Multicultural Considerations in Assessment

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You are working as an elementary school counselor. A kindergarten teacher has requested your advice about a student named Maria, who, with her parents, immigrated to the United States from Costa Rica within the past month. Maria does not speak any English. In this small school district, the kindergarten teachers do an informal kindergarten readiness assessment, but Maria's teacher only feels comfortable in conducting these assessments in English. She did not assess Maria, but she is concerned about whether Maria is ready for kindergarten, because Maria's birthday is only two weeks before the cutoff for matriculation. Furthermore, Maria whimpers through most of the school day and does not interact with any of the children on the playground. The teacher wants your advice on how to assess Maria's level of academic and emotional development.

1. Briefly describe three assessment errors made by the teacher in the case study.
2. Referencing Section E in the ACA Code of Ethics, briefly describe the ethical and/or multicultural guidelines you would use to address the errors made by the teacher, and explain why. Be specific.

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Assessment: Multicultural & Ethical Issues

In the case provided, the school had to contend with a kindergarten-ready age potential new student whose background and situation is such that her ethnic origins has for the school become a potential barrier towards the institution being able to provide the education she requires. The child named Maria came to the US half a year prior from Costa Rica and as such spoke no English with Spanish being her main language. The teacher needs to conduct Maria's emotional and academic capacities so that she can determine if the student is ready for Kindergarten Problem is, she is unable to due to the language barrier, shifting the responsibility towards the school counselor to determine student's readiness and capacity. IN this discussion, we will look at the assessment mistakes committed in the case.

There are general standardized assessment measures that schools and academic institutions have developed for their particular needs over the years to determine the readiness of students and the possibility of their admission to the schools. These assessments are based on ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the ethical and multicultural considerations of the case (see above) about a student named Maria. The tasks set are taken on to show how and what kind of discussion-answers can be done. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.