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Visual Perception

Discuss the importance of visual perception in cognitive processes.

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Cognition defined as "mental processes involved in the faculty of knowing" (American Heritage Dictionary, p.170) is central to the development of psychology as a scientific discipline. In the broadest sense, the cognition as it evolved to form the discipline of Cognitive psychology can be defined as an intellectual process by which knowledge is gained from perception or ideas" (Sternberg, 2006). Thus, as Sternberg explains, Cognitive psychology is defined is the study of how people perceive, learn, remember, and think about information (p. 2)
Perception in humans occurs when a person is repeatedly exposed to specific stimuli (e.g., information). Perception is concerned with how information is organized that is retrieved from the environment mentally (i. e., from the senses). Perception refers to an awareness or understanding of the environment that allows individuals to interpret from the environmental influences workable information. For example, perceptual learning involves long-lasting and dynamic ...

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This solution provides a power-point presentation discussing the importance of visual perception to cognitive processes.