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    Impairments to perception

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    Perception involves identifying things through one's senses. Unfortunately, each of our senses can be impaired. Please discuss how perception can be impaired. Then, explain some methods that can be used to cope with these impairments.

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    Sense perception can be impaired in various ways. People may become completely or partially blind due to physiological or neurological factors. Total blindness is the complete lack of form and visual light perception. People may also be color blind. Color blindness is defined as the decreased ability to perceive visual differences that others can distinguish. Other visual impairments that can adversely affect perception include nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, night blindness and a lack of depth perception. Hearing impairments may be defined to include a reduction in hearing acuity or ...

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    This solution provides a description of some ways in which perception can be impaired as well some ways to cope with such impairments.