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    Proposals for Changing the Healthcare System

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    Provide seven proposals for changing the health care system. For each proposal, complete the following: (Answers can be brief)

    Proposal Pros Cons Future Outlook

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    Proposal 1: I propose that there be free universal health care, and that all health care professionals be paid with tax dollars just as federal employees are. Private health care professionals would be exempt from this proposal, and will continue to derive their income from their clients and other private sources.

    Pros: The pros of this proposal is that every citizen in the United States would get the care that they need, public health care professionals would be guaranteed a fair salary, and health care professionals would receive the benefits that they deserve by becoming federal employees.

    Cons: The drawbacks of this system are that unemployed, and other non-tax paying citizens would benefit from this program without helping to fund it. In addition, unregistered illegal aliens may also benefit from this program without contributing tax dollars.

    Future Outlook: this proposal presents a sustainable and efficient change to our health care system, that will be pertinent in today's health care system paradigm, as well as into the future.

    Proposal 2: I propose that free clinics give priority to taxpaying US citizens, and require that a Social Security card or other identification that proves tax paying status be presented before receiving services.

    Pros: The ramifications of this proposal would help to alleviate the overcrowding within our public clinics, and alleviate the need for taxpaying US citizens to have to wait in long lines in order to receive services, due to the fact that there are a large number of undocumented and or non tax paying aliens receiving assistance.

    Cons: a major drawback of this proposal is that it may be seen as racist, Due to the fact that a great number of undocumented illegal aliens are of Hispanic descent. In addition, it may be seen as unethical to prioritize medical treatment based on citizenship status.

    Future Outlook: this proposal would ...