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What are the characteristics of a problem?

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What are the characteristics of a problem?

How do you know when a problem exists?

What is a problem statement?

How can a problem statement be formulated so that it is considerate of stakeholders' perspectives?

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The response addresses the queries posted in 341 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 341 words with references.

//The given discussion paper is mainly based on various short answers to the various questions. Before, proceeding towards the instructions, first of all, we will discuss about the meaning of the 'Problem' and then discuss about its characteristics. So, I will write the introduction under the heading of the 'Characteristics of Problem', for example: //

Characteristics of Problem

A problem refers to a situation or condition that creates an obstacle in achieving a goal or objective. Every problem has its own characteristics. The main characteristics of a problem are: the problem should be easily expressible, analyzed, effectively concluded and easily solvable. These characteristics can be expressed as the problem should clearly describe the situation, the problem should be related to specified goals and the within specified time constraints (Robertson, 2001).

//The next part of the ...

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