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Statistics questions - normal and continuous

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1. What are the characteristics of a normal distribution?

2. List some examples of continuous data.

3. What is the name of the distribution that measures the number of occurrences of an event during specified intervals?

4. What would be the characteristics of a binomial distribution?

5. A population consists of ten items, six of which are defective. In a sample of three items, what is the probability that exactly two are defective?

6. A Federal study reported that 7.5 percent of the U.S. workforce has a drug problem. A drug enforcement official for the State of Indiana wished to investigate this statement. In his sample of 20 employed workers:
a. How many would you expect to have a drug problem? What is the standard deviation?
b. What is the likelihood that none of the workers sampled has a drug problem?
c. What is the likelihood at least one has a drug problem?

7. What is "Bias"?

8. What is the Central Limit Theorem? What does it imply?

9. What is sampling error? How is it calculated?

10. What are the three measures of central tendency?

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