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Developing a Career Development Plan for an Organization

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If you were charged with developing a career development plan for an organization, what courses would you design and offer to employees that could increase skill level and possibly open up other opportunities for them within the organization?

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The solution develops a career development plan for an organization.

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The foundation of any successful organization is their employees. Ensuring that all members, regardless of their echelon in the organization, are trained and proficient in their job sets the operational tempo for the organization in question. Most often, the environment that we operate in is changing. In order to sustain and improve operations, effective relationships among management and their competency level will establish the platform to base their success on. Again, regardless of their echelon, employees strive for promotions to climb the corporate ladder as it directly impacts their quality of life and ability to take care of their families. Below we'll discuss what courses I would design and offer to employees that could increase skill level and possibly open up other ...

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