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    The Spiral Career Development

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    Four approaches to career development are defined i.e., linear, expert, spiral, and transitory. The spiral approach best fits my career development path in Emergency Medical Services. My career began as a EMT, Paramedic, FP-c, Paramedic Instructor, EMS Director, and now I serve as the Program Director of an air medical service.

    Please explain the spiral approach and how it is incorporated into my career path.

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    The Spiral career concept is less traditional when compared with the other two concepts, linear and expert concepts. The Spiral viewpoint is that one becomes successful in his or her career when there is a progressive broadening of his or her knowledge, talents and skills as the time goes by. Usually, the individual decides to work on his or her career in a specific field, making regular movement into different fields and other types of work and usually, after 5 to 10 years, they are able to see a movement in their career field, maybe little at times. There is a certain pattern that the Spiral career moves, from one field to another, and the person takes advantage of learning new knowledge and skills from the different types of work and the movement is done with a pattern since the type of jobs have these characteristics in a Spiral career pattern: previously acquired skills can be used in the new jobs and the new job gives more opportunities for new skills to be learned. It is called Spiral because a person's career has a spiraling pattern going outward from a center representing the core of competencies by which they help him as he broadens his knowledge and talents ...

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    This solution of 754 words discusses spiral career development, and looks at how incorporated a spiral career path is in a paramedics' career from EMT to program direction. References used are included.