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    Advocacy and Social Justice

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    -Can you address what advocacy and social justice mean to an professional counselor. Include information to support your position.
    -Identify and discuss an area of needed advocacy, based on your experience.
    -Provide an example of how you have advocated or worked (or could advocate or work) for social justice in this area

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    (1) Can you address what advocacy and social justice mean to a professional counselor? Include information to support your position.

    The concepts of advocacy and social justice is important to a professional counselor for the acknowledgment of issues such as power, biases and discrimination faced by marginalized individuals and groups in the workplace. For example, according to Topkera (2005), counselors should be aware of various theories that contribute to views on human emotions and functions. Moreover, once clients become aware of their lack of direction concerning their careers, the counselor/practitioner can help the client to develop a sense of self. With this sense of self, the client finds many opportunities and occupations that are available.

    Thus, it is important for counselors match clients to an employment opportunity. On this basis the professional counselor/practitioner should have theoretical knowledge regarding issues such as: (a) individual differences related to gender, (b) sexual orientation, (c) race, and (d) ethnicity. Counselors also are needed to show clients how they may be impacted by public policies and statutes. For instance, studies ...

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