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NGO Focus: Girl Scouts Beyond Bars

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A brief description of the government or nonprofit organization
A brief summary of how an organization's culture can influence the creation of ethical and potentially unethical policies and practices
An explanation of how the organization's culture (norms, customs, and traditions) might have influenced decision making and the creation of specific policies and practices
A description of a specific policy or practice that presents an ethical dilemma and an explanation of how that specific policy or practice creates the dilemma
An explanation of how public administrators might use internal and external controls to maintain responsible conduct in the public organization
An explanation of how, as a public administrator, you might resolve the ethical dilemma, using the ethical decision-making model presented in the text

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NGO & Policy Impact: Organization - Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB)

This is an advocacy group of Girl Scouts of America whose sole purpose is to reach out, advocate for and provide social and developmental support to girls, most of them under age 10, who have a parent in prison where, in most cases, their mothers are incarcerated. GSBB (2014), explains that, "Across the country, 1.7 million children—half of them under the age of 10—have a parent in prison, according to the advocacy group The Sentencing Project. Girls with incarcerated mothers face particular obstacles, but Girl Scouts of the USA believes that lack of access to leadership development programs shouldn't be among them." Formed in 1992 in partnership with (GSBB, 2014), "the National Institute of Justice and the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, and has grown to serve thousands of girls across the country. GSBB equips girls ages 5 to 17 whose mothers are incarcerated with the tools they'll need to succeed, while also strengthening the mother/daughter bond through regular visits. GSUSA's 2012 National Evaluation of the program found that 84 percent of girls agree that they have a better ...

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