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    Fundraising for a Geriatric Program

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    A local company has secured funding (2 years) for an older adult program in your community.

    1.They want YOU, the Gerontologist, to provide information on what type of program they should provide funding for? (what is needed, how will you know which new program to offer, and who is your target audience)?
    2.Once you have selected a program, how will you measure the success of this program?, What will you use to measure?
    3.How will you sustain this program after the two year starter funds run out?
    4.What additional information should you provide?

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    Since the post offers no information about the basic foundation of planning and demographics, learning about critical areas in the community would be the first step. Just asking for money in some willy nilly fashion is frowned upon from fundraisers. Usually, those who give money like to see a coalition, and more than one group coming together to benefit from the resources. Determining who would take advantage of the program and money is critical.

    It is also a good idea to try and learn what a potential agency or foundation likes to fund and tailor the proposal or program in a mutually beneficial way. Rather than only writing what they want, finding how what your agency needs match that of the funder is a smart approach.

    Finding suitable ...

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    Creating a successful and financially sustainable program for senior citizens coordinated by a gerontologist is discussed.