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Health promotion among communities

Visit and explore this website: to review Healthy People 2020â??s objectives, which are key health indicators that address health promotion for our nation.  Choose one of the listed health indicators and explore possible barriers that may influence successful health promotion among communities.

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Health Communication and Health Information Technology

Barriers that may influence successful health promotion among communities...

Expert vs. person knowledge

 There will certainly be difficulty in translating the knowledge of IT from the experts to the regular everyday people. While Information Technology in healthcare is rapidly growing and becoming more sophisticated, the number of "super users" is not large and therefore serves as a potential barrier to truly understanding all of the technology that will go into providing care, evaluating care, and depicting care.

Size of community, financial strength of community

 A community that is abundant in resources and personnel will have much more success implementing and using information technology in healthcare than one that isn't. Depending on how many hospitals or healthcare facilities are in and around the community, a type of health information exchange will have to be created. This ...

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This solution picks a sample of the top 10 health indicators from healthypeople and details how these may have an impact on health promotion in commmunities. It discusses barriers, threats and ideas.