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Health Promotion Changes

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Why are health promotion changes more likely to occur with families rather than aggregates?

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Approaches to working with population aggregates and communities may focus on one of several population groups. Choices include faith communities, schools and their communities, worker populations, families through the life span, or ethno-cultural communities. See http://www.southalabama.edu/nursing/fuld/currblb.pdf for health promotion projects for Asian communities and the related health factors to consider in health promotion campaigns. See for the aggregate/low socioeconomic group at URL: http://www.umanitoba.ca/nursing/courses/322-mmckay/population_health_prom.htm

1. Why are health promotion changes more likely to occur with families rather than aggregates?

This question addresses the differences between families and aggregates that could account for an increased likelihood of health promotion changes in families than in aggregates.

Aggregates versus families

-More heterogeneous a group, the more resistant to change. Meaning that aggregates are more likely than families to be a diverse population of people ...

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This solution explains why health promotion changes are more likely to occur with families rather than aggregates.

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