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    Organization's Responsiveness to Competition

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    Please help with a few questions. I need about 2 pages total. Regardless of facility, I need to identify the immediate and 12 month, threats to a healthcare organization from competition? What about 2 to 3 years? What about 5 or more years?

    Identified potential weaknesses in an organization's services and strategies that may affect the organization's ability and agility to respond to the competition?

    Do healthcare administrators have any control or impact on this situation?

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    There are many immediate threats from healthcare competitors that fluctuate over time, but these threats are very critical toward whether an organization succeeds or loses ground to the competition. In reference to immediate threats, healthcare competitors will consistently face threats from competitors who have more innovative products or services. Threats that can emerge within 2 to 3 years include new competitor(s) in the healthcare organizations' home market. Other threats that will be faced by a healthcare organization include competitors that have better access to channels of distribution than (your) healthcare ...

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    This solution of 444 words discusses the immediate threats to an healthcare organization from competition, potential weaknesses in an organization's services and strategies and the extent of control on the situation. Reference used is included.