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Functional role, expectations, strategy, and shaping by a leader

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1. Identify an organization and its leader, analyze the leader's functional role in the organization.

2. Analyze the expectations of the role and how the leader fulfills the expectations of the role.

3. Analyze how the leader shapes the organization's strategy and design.

4. Analyze and justify whether the leader is currently taking the organization in the right direction.

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Functional role, expectation, strategies and shaping by a leader is examined. The expectations of the role and how the leader fulfills the expectations of the role are determined.

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For this report, a leader who will be cited is a branch manager of a private commercial bank. The said manager was particularly cited because of his important role in overseeing the bank's operations and ensuring that its goals and objectives in relation to sustainability and financial performance are attained while at the same time the bank's responsiveness to the needs of stakeholders are met.

Functional role in the organization
As a bank manager, his functional roles include: overseeing the bank's operations including its employees and other resources, managing the bank's normal course of rendering financial services ...

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