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Perception of organization's culture

Q1. Think about four different groups of people: Senior managers, middle managers, non managerial workers, and customers. How do you think each of these groups perceives your organization's culture? Why the differences?

Q2. What are the three most important factors shaping your expectations of work? What are the implications of your answers to your organization and your role as a security professional leader?

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1. In reference to Senior Managers: More than likely these individuals have the greatest perception of an organization because they are the ones making the rules and receiving the primary benefits of income received by the organization.

In reference to the Middle Managers: More than likely these individuals have a good understanding and a positive outlook about the organization. Although they probably receive a lot of the negative from the Senior Managers, these individuals will direct most employees as to their duties and can normally set their own hours.

In reference to non managerial ...

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