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    Disney: organizational values reflected in plans and actions

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    Organizational values as reflected in Disney's actual plans and actions

    Analyze the individual values and the organization's values as reflected by the organization's plans and actions. Include the following in your comments:

    Analyze the degree of alignment between the organization's stated values and the organization's actual plans and actions.

    Be sure to consider:
    - individual values as well as beliefs as well as state corporate values
    - the vision and mission of the organization
    - the organizational culture as a whole
    - customs and culture within the country of operation
    - any recent changes within the company, and the reasons for the changes

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    Hello! I am happy to help you with this problem as well as a possible format for the solution. First, consider what Disney's values are? Are these values stated in Disney's Vision and Mission Statement? Does Disney hold honesty in high regard? Is one of their values wholesome, family-friendly entertainment? When a person thinks of Disney does he or she think of cleanliness, comfort, courage, creativity, customer service, or what else?

    Next, do Disney's operations (parks, movies, toys, etc.) truly reflect the values that they state in their vision and mission statement? Have you been to a Disney Park recently? Have you seen Disney movies? If you ...

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    To show how Disney's values are aligned with the organization's actual plans and actions, the concepts and facts can be shown in essay form or in a table. First, you will need to state what Disney's organizational values are (which may be similar to individual values). Then show how Disney's plans and actions (attractions, new movies, expansion into other countries, etc.) reflect those values. When analyzing values, the answer lies in not only one's opinion of those values, but also the accepted values of the country. A three column table is a good idea for a nice, concise visual.