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    Theoretical Implications of Crime/ Public Policy

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    I have to create a description of the criminological theories; rational choice theory, trait theories, social structure theories, social process theories, social conflict theories, and developmental theories.
    ? Include an overview of the policy implications of various theoretical interpretations of crime.
    ? Use the Internet to identify public policies and their results.
    ? What is the theory
    ? How crime is interpreted according to the theory
    ? Summary of policy implications
    ? Results of the public policy
    Please help I don't know where to start. Max 300 words.

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    Rational Choice Theory:
    : This theory implies that man is reasoning and weights means and ends, costs and benefits and makes a logical choice.
    the public policy implications are that the person should quickly be detected, apprehended, his crime judged upon and pain inflicted on him should be so high that it deters other from committing such crimes in future. This is the deterrence principle.
    There is movement towards prisioners rights, rehabilitation of prisoners. The public policy of deterrence leads to recidivism and retribution.

    Trait Theories, There is a greater belief in equipotentiality and that genetics is responsible for the criminal behavior.
    : It is believed that biological factors, along with environmental and social factors influence a person's proclivity towards crime. Even environmental contamination with lead has been held responsible for a person's proclivity towards crime. Other factors include high sugar consumption, low vitamin intake and effect of hormones.
    : The general policies that are aimed at improving the living conditions of the people and improving their environment plays an important role.
    : The public policy improves a ...

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    This posting discusses different theoretical interpretations of crime. For each theoretical interpretation it gives you public policy implications.