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Public Policy to Prevent Public Order Crimes

Research and define one public policy or program that is currently used to prevent public order crimes in a community. List the crime being addressed and the specifics of the policy or program. What are the pros and cons of this policy or program? What can be done to improve the quality of prevention for this crime?

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The Title 21 of the Food and Drugs, drug abuse prevention and control sub-chapter 1 control and enforcement has several provisions that attempts to regulate substance abuse in the community. It defines prohibited substances, gives congressional finding and declarations on psychotropic substances, has the authority to control, has standards for classification of drugs, registration of manufacturers of controlled substances, offenders and penalties and administrative provisions. The government policy has been to make this law all encompassing.

The advantages of this policy are that this ...

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This posting defines and gives details of one public policy that is used to prevent public order crimes in the community. It also discusses the pros and cons of this policy. This solution is 372 words in length.