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Is folk art and outsider art REAL art?

Define outsider and folk art and should it be accepted by cities and museums as real art?

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Outsider artworks and Folk art works have long not been considered "fine art' because most galleries would not consider displaying them. Plus, they were often not composed of "fine art" materials such as oil paintings, or bronze or marble sculpture. They were often composed of what were termed "inferior materials" and the artists were not "schooled" or "educated" artists - they were people, often simple people, who were driven to create works, regardless of their circumstances or access to materials: they simply created. Often, such self-taught artists are termed folk artists. Outsider artists is a more recent term, and refers to more avant guarde artworks than the often traditional types of crafts often included in the definition of folk art.

More recently in history, there has been more widespread recognition of these artworks, and as a result, these artists. Meaders, a ...

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Discussion of folk art and outsider art, with Web-based URLs, and commentary on this sort of art being accepted by the fine art crowd of museums and galleries.