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Joseph Stalin's life

Of all the dictators during the time period we have been discussing, only Stalin would survive the war and end up living a relatively long life. His antagonists, Hitler and Mussolini, would end their lives in violent death. Mussolini would go first along with his mistress. Their beaten and mutilated corpses hung by their heels on public display. Hitler would be next by his own hand, along with Eva Braun. Their bodies allegedly burned beyond recognition and buried in a shallow pit outside of the bunker. Joseph Stalin would survive and live until 1953.

This job offers a summary of Stalin and include the following:

1. his origins
2. his rise to power
3. what did he doin power
4. how did his career end?

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Please allow some of these notes and resources to overview Joseph Stalin. After writing your own draft, please send a new posting to us for editing and feedback:

1. First, as you briefly discuss his origins, he was born as Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili on Dec. 21, 1879 in Gori, Georgia (www.sparknotes.com/biography/stalin/summary.html ). As a child, he suffered many sicknesses, "including smallpox and septicemia, which left his left arm slightly crippled for life" (www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Joseph_Vissarionovich_Stalin.aspx). Since his mother wanted him to become a priest, he was enrolled "in the local Orthodox parochial school in Gori in 1888" (www.coldwar.org/trivia/trivia02.php).

2. Next, as you overview his rise to power, please emphasize how "the Russian revolution of 1905 speeded his rise to local prominence and marked his entrance into the fringes of the national movement. In 1905 he served as party organizer in Tiflis and as coeditor of the Tiflis-based Caucasian Workers' Newssheet" (gi.grolier.com/wwii/wwii_stalin.html ).

Besides his writings, he also worked in revolutionary activities and served as delegate to the first national conference of Bolsheviks, in Tammerfors, Finland, in December 1905 where he first met Lenin and to the general congresses of the Russian Social Democratic party in Stockholm (1906) and London 1907 (gi.grolier.com/wwii/wwii_stalin.html ). You might also cite how during his schooling, he was strongly influenced in radicalism and joined a secret group who supported Georgian nationalism and socialism.

These beliefs caused his expulsion where he then joined the Social Democratic party of Georgia and really got into ...

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