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    Meaning of life

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    What is the meaning of life? This is, surely, the ultimate philosophical question. We are here. We spend our days making a living, having a little fun and feeling some pain, meeting people with backgrounds different from our own, caring for some of them, and loving a few. Then we die. How can we make sense of all this? What makes life worth the effort?

    Although our attempts to find meaning are personal, thinking carefully about them together can be a wonderful application of our philosophical reasoning skills.

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    Life is precious. This simple fact is reinforced every time a loved one dies. Life is unfair. This simple fact about our precious life is reinforced by disturbing images on the news from places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan...or Detroit, Los Angeles, or your hometown. While millions, even billions of people in the undeveloped world live on less than $2 a day, we in the developed world crow about Miley Cyrus or something with an equivalent "right to bitch" quotient. Life, precious and unfair, is also predictable, largely because the laws of physics are static and because we are as yet, unable to muck with them. The sun appears to "rise" in the east and "set" in the west. Any prophet who predicts this behavior is right two times a day. Finally, our precious, unfair, predictable life is surprising because novelty is constantly emerging. A new picture is drawn, a new song is sung, a new species is discovered, a new technology is deployed, and new words are ...

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