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Bjorklund and Bee

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These questions are examined:

1). What are the links between "Development" as it is discussed in the Bjorklund and Bee text and "Meaning" as it is discussed in the Amundson text. Are there any? For example, if you described yourself using Bjorklund and Bee's discussion of 'age', would there be any of Amundson's discussion of 'meaning' connected to that? Why or why not?

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Theories by Bjorklund and Bee are briefly assessed.

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Please note that these answers are largely dependent upon your own life. However, please allow some of my ideas to help:

First, you might note various links between "Development" as it is discussed in the Bjorklund and Bee text and "Meaning" as it is discussed in the Amundson text. Both texts show that development is affected by physical, emotional, social, and intellectual changes, health, social roles, sexuality, relationships, and other factors. As Amundson's text emphasizes meaning as more of a constantly evolving force or even a quest, I see these concepts as interrelated. They ...

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