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Creating an "Elevator Pitch"

Post a one-paragraph "Elevator Pitch," also known as a customer value proposition. If you have worked on a New Venture Plan, think of this as what you might pitch to a prospective investor if the two of you met in an elevator and shared a very short ride. Be sure to address the following in your paragraph:

•Identify potential customer problems.
•Explain how your business can solve these problems.
•Delineate how the business will profit by addressing the problems.
•Describe the initial capital investment required to start your business.

All four elevator pitch items should be answered in no more than four or five sentences in total. There should be a strong sense of energy and presence in your writing. For example, think of producing a 15- to 30-second radio ad.

1 reference APA stlye

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This solution is an elevator pitch that identifies the customer problems, explains how the business can solve these problems, how the business will profit and the cash needed to start the business.Includes APA formatted reference.