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Design a customer survey to help determine media choices

Part I: Design a customer survey to help determine media choices.

Based on the customer target that you analyzed last week, develop a survey of 5â?"7 questions to find out more about this segment. Make sure to include the following in your plans:

One question from your survey should ask customers what type of media they prefer, which can include traditional, digital, or social media.

Prepare the survey, and send it to at least 5â?"7 people this week who you believe would be interested in this particular computer.

Make sure the survey is returned to you during Week 3 so that you can tabulate your findings.

You will include an analysis of the survey findings to determine which media would appeal to customers in your advertising plan.

Part II: Select paid and earned publications or Web sites for your media plan.

Research information about advertising rates using online rate cards and advertising information for your print and digital media selections. You should list the following:

Your top 3 media picks
Why you believe the target market would read or view these publications or sites
Then, choose 2-3 publications or sites to which you could pitch a story idea for your public relations campaign. Explain how they would pitch the story idea for your computer to the editor of this publication or site to complement your paid media choices. Why are good media relations important to the organization?

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For a business to survive in the competitive market, establishing if a customer is satisfied is concern that every business manager should have in mind as this form a competitive strategy for the business itself. In addition to this, monitoring a consumer's behavior plays a major role in the modification of the marketing strategies since it brings out an understanding of issues such as a customer's psychology of reasoning and thinking (consumer behavior n.d).

Survey questions
Survey questions Suggested question type Additional suggestions
For how long have you used our products Single-select
Multiple choice Answers might include:
 Less than 5 months
 Between 1 and 3 years
 Between 3 and 5 years
 More than 5 years
How satisfied are you with our company's overall support? Single-select
Multiple choice Answers might be:
 Very satisfied
 Somewhat satisfied
 Neutral
 Somewhat dissatisfied
 Very dissatisfied
How likely are you to recommend our ...

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