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Customer Evaluations in Social Media

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Yelp and Facebook are among the many growing social media sites allowing customers to give feedback about products, services, and experiences. This method allows for a passive approach to a problem or bad experience. For example, if someone had to wait 10 minutes in line for a latte, there may be no way for the barista to know this person waited this long or is disgruntled by the long wait. Design a process in which a small business can ensure customers are satisfied so that they do not quickly take a passive approach to merely complain to a large audience without first making someone at the business aware that a problem exists.

We see surveys on all kinds of store receipts allowing consumers to give feedback in exchange for being entered into a drawing for a prize. Evaluate the purpose and usefulness of these surveys. Consider all stakeholders.

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Customer evaluations in social media are determined.

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There are a variety of methods small businesses can employ to assess customer satisfaction and keep disgruntled customers from potentially telling the world about their horrible experience. Small disagreements from incorrect orders to lengthy wait times and poor customer service greatly and/or adversely impact a company's public image. Therefore, it is important to do whatever possible to keep customers happy and loyal to the brand. Doing simple things such as posting the managers name and contact number at the cash counter or the manager rounding frequently to speak with customers about their experience can be helpful in preventing posts about negative experiences online.

I've seen the managers contact information posted in the US Postal Service stations and the bank. The managers at my local grocery store can usually be seen at the front of the store on either side of the register. They are easily ...

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