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    Marketing research outline for survery questions

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    Step #1: Go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/ and create a new account (choose the free account option). Then, follow the directions to create a survey of your own design. Your survey can be based on any marketing-related product or service situation. Some suggestions are as follows:

    - Imagine you are designing a new product or service of your choice for a hypothetical company and you want to evaluate the potential interest in this product, or
    - Imagine you are rebranding a product or service of your choice and you want more information on what consumers feel should be different, or
    - Design a survey based on the product or service that is the subject of your Marketing Plan Proposal assignment for this course.

    Your survey should contain 8-10 closed-ended or scaled-response questions.

    Step #2: Write a 2-page memo in which you (a) discuss what type of information you hope to obtain from your survey, and (b) how you would use this information in your market research efforts, and (c) your opinion of SurveyMonkey as a marketing research tool. Copy and paste a link to your survey in the memo.

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    Since my sign in for the Survey Monkey site would be different than one you would have, I have created questions for you to input into the site. You may want to change these questions for ones you might want to use, or adjust any question to suit your needs. Therefore, I have provided an outline of several paragraphs you can add your own views or adjustments from the changes you make to the questions. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please ask.

    1. Which color combinations are most likely to attract your attention?
    Red/white Red/black Blue/white blue/yellow yellow/red yellow/black

    2. Which do you prefer in a soda style drink?
    Caffeinated cola clear cola decaffeinated cola fruit infused clear

    3. If tea is offered, which flavors do you like?
    Peach ...

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    A sample of survey questions based on cola choices and a research outline are given.