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    Outline of Lecture Notes

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    For this assignment you will be (1) creating an outline of your lecture notes and (2) a narrative description of your lecture presentation. First, choose a subject that is of interest to you and prepare your lecture notes. For this assignment, your lecture notes must be in a Word document in outline format. You may include cue words or phrases, or form your notes as a series of questions. The lecture outline must include the following information:
    a. Graphic representation
    b. Procedural directions
    c. Signposts
    d. Transitions
    In addition to the outline, you must include a narrative that describes the educational setting, how you will check for student understanding, how you will use examples, maintain student attention, and how you will engage students in actively thinking about the content presented

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    Subject: Marketing Mix
    Definition of Marketing Mix:
    Graphic: A pot with a mixing spoon.
    PD: The definition will orally spoken and the visual shown on a slide.
    Signpost: The components of the marketing mix will be shown in the form of a graphic having four different pictures with label. Each component will be named and described.
    Transition: Each component will be described briefly and the class will be told that each component will be described in detail.
    Signpost: Product:
    Graphics: Showing generic products, and branded products.
    PD: Definition, levels of product, and ...

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    The response provides you a structured explanation of outline of lecture notes, and a narrative. The lecture outline provides a graphic representation, procedural directions, signposts and transitions. It also gives you the relevant references.