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    The living world around us - an outline and lecture notes

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    Please help create an outline based on the given lecture slides (see attachment).

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    Below is a detailed outline to use in composing a 1000 word (approx 2 page) essay. Please note, the order in the outline is not the same as described in the lecture notes. The ideas are organized in a way that made the most sense, however feel free to arrange as you see it fit, making sure to transition between topics (as is done).
    However, it is suggested that you not follow the same order as the lecture notes. It is more useful to synthesize the ideas, rather than repeat them exactly as they were lectured to you. I also suggest you read through the entire outline before starting to compose your essay.

    The living world around us is composed of a wide expanse of ever evolving life forms. These organisms are quite varied in their design and life history and occupy almost all of Earth's habitats, even those which at first seem inhabitable, such as oxygen-poor, high-salt, or water-less areas. The ...

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    Provided is a detailed outline and set of notes for the attached lecture, titled "The Living World Around Us" to assist in developing an essay on the lecture. The lecture and therefore the outline, focus specifically on the following: biospheres, ecosystems, habitats, evolution, ecology, ethology, life's history on Earth, and the classification of organisms.