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prehistoric society

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What was prehistoric society like in the area surrounding the Amazon River Basin? How do scholars learn about prehistoric cultures? What factors led to the ability of the European nations to dominate the New World civilizations?

Details: Discuss the following questions:

How are scholars able to find out how early people with no written records lived?
What was prehistoric society like around the Amazon?
What ensured European domination in the New World?
How do you think an entire prehistoric group of people could simply disappear, such as the people around the Marajo of the Amazon?

Please list any references or web sources.

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The prehistoric society is characterized.

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The area around the Amazon during prehistoric times seems largely to be a building area. Hunters and gatherers are predominant in most prehistoric times and the Amazon seems to be no different. The area did not have the seclusion of caves for dwelling, so building shelter was one of the needs. The area is made up of tropical forests and wide savannas. The people seemed to be living in urban types of communities in Pre Columbian times. These cities are called garden cities and are densely populated if clues to them are correct. ...

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