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Case: Prehistoric Computers is a company located in Anywhere, Arkansas that sells refurbished laptop computers to individuals and small businesses through direct-mail marketing in the Midwest. Prehistoric Computers has a central office with a staff of 10 employees and a warehouse located 10 miles away where laptops are refurbished and shipped. There are currently 25 employees working in the warehouse. Sales last year were $5 million. Prehistoric Computers' current overall business goal is to increase sales by 200 percent with aggressive global marketing strategies. The company currently incorporates no e-business practices.

a. "Brainstorm" possible e-business solutions for Prehistoric Computers.
b. What e-Business strategies would you recommend Prehistoric Computers to adopt?

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In just under 1000 words, this solution discusses the company Prehistoric Computers, by first highlighting the assumptions and missing information from this company description and then theorizing on the e-Business strategies that this company can adopt.

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The objective of this question is to make you formulate a strategy for marketing laptops through the use of the internet. What is the source of laptops, it never mentions. However, it wants us to formulate strategies aimed at the global market. There are several issues that should be considered like the effect of the foreign exchange rate on the price of the computer, the different import policies of different countries, and the acceptability of the quality of computers in foreign countries

There are several assumptions which the problem makes, first it makes the assumption that global marketing strategies are to be used to sell 200 percent more laptops, however, before the laptops have to be sold there have to be facilities at the warehouse to build them, facilities to ship these anywhere in the world and to service these. Also as these are refurbished laptops, they have to be procured from somewhere. All these issues including the quality of the refurbished laptops constitute marketing strategies that need to be addressed. Second, the problem never addresses the kind of expansion that is needed for the central office. Can it handle the sales, especially the e-sales of 200 percent more sales of laptops? There could be a need for more employees, the need to move to a larger place or purchase more equipment including computers. Third, the business currently sells its laptops only to small businesses and individuals, however the problem omits mentioning why the company never sells to large companies and ...

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