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Stages of the research process and brainstorming

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1. You have a good understanding of math and a knack of explaining math to others. Several of your friends have asked you to help their kids with math. Now you are considering making some extra money doing private tutoring, and would like to conduct online research about your chances of success. Describe how you would apply the stages in the research process to your research.

2. Your family, or you and a group of your friends, are considering your next vacation. You have decided to use brainstorming to find ideas for a very creative vacation experience. Explain how you would set up this brainstorming session, how you would select a leader, and the house rules you would use. What are the specific problems you would address in this brainstorming session?


Stone, B., & Jacobs, R., (2008). Successful direct marketing methods (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Publishing.

Answers to both questions must be a minimum 230 words.

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//Before starting any business, a complete market research has to be done. Here, in this answer, we will explain what research needs to be done before starting a private tutorial business and also what strategies one needs to implement to differentiate itself in the market are also explained.//

For starting a private tutoring business, rigorous research is required as the tutoring business is one of the most flourishing businesses in the world. There is a huge competition in this sector, and to mark a niche in the market, one needs to conduct a perfect market study and consider all the factors that affect the business directly or indirectly. If I want to start my private tutorials, then I would include a lot of stages in my research process.

Firstly, I would carry out a thorough market study to find out the topmost online tutorials that are being used by math students and the reasons for the same. After filtering the best ones out of the many, I will try to find out what extra services I could offer or how I ...

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Stages of research process and brainstorming are explained in this solution, explaining the importance of market research in developing a service.

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1. All of the following are part of an exploratory phase search strategy except _____.

discovery and analysis of secondary sources

expert interviews

interviews with those involved with the problem



2.Which of the following statements is false with respect to the two-stage research approach to a management question? The two-stage approach:

Often uncovers evidence that a major study is unnecessary in the first stage.

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feng shui.

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