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    Pathological Behaviors

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    Look in the textbook and use the Table 1.1 outline for the criteria of Mental Disorder and consider information presented in the module lecture. Then read about the case of Zell Kravinsky as outlined in The World Around Us feature 1.1. (p. 6-7 in the text). Post your answer the following:

    1. Does Mr. Kravinsky represent pathological behavior? Justify your answer
    2. Whether you think he is "mentally ill" or not, using the GAF scale on p. 133 what do you consider Mr. Kavinsky's level of functioning to be?

    Abnormal Psychology (14e)
    Butcher, Mineka, Hooley

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    1. In this case, the activities and behaviors that are exhibited by Mr. Kravinsky do not represent pathological behavior, largely due to the fact that his philanthropic activities did not in any way interfere negatively with the ...